JNU: Pivot Point in Higher Learning for Career Hunters

Management, in today’s scenario, has become one of the most sought after career options. It has wide employment scope to offer seekers with, thus making them independent. Reasons are many that support the increasing significance of acquiring management degree in any of the specializations under the domain.
– Increasing globalization and improving economy are what propelling businesses to compete on a global front
– Competition seeps into the job industry; forcing one to upgrade their skills in order to be employment ready all the time

So, an MBA is on high demand in the international employment market. To come across the other side of the increasing competition, one needs to start early with their careers. However, continuing with the job with full time jobs is impossible. This is why earning an MBA through distance mode has become an ‘in vogue’ thing of today. Jodhpur National University MBA programs help students specialize in a discipline of their choice side by side their full time jobs to be updated. Pursuing MBA from Jodhpur National University helps you gain:

– Advanced MBA program are well synchronized with career and self study.

– Online MBA from Jodhpur National University draws significant benefits for working professionals in terms of salary increment and chance for adding up one’s knowledge base and professional qualification.
– Correspondence MBA courses are streamlined with current market scenario; offering candidates wide exposure to industry/market operations and business functioning.
Apart from MBA programs, that show a candidate many ways to lead and manage their bright career in the field, traditional courses from Jodhpur National University are equally sought by students to make it big in their respective career.


Distance Education from Jaipur National University: The Right Blend for Learning

Distance learning that had started as an alternative route to traditional education; today, has come parallel to this, providing many with a fresh breeze to breathe in, in an environment that is full of competition. The concept is strengthening with the opening of several new distant education providers in various parts of the country that it has become only easy to get a course done online.

Many good names are in the sector that has earned quite a good name for their selves in the sphere of distance education in India. Jaipur National University is one amongst the long list of such universities in India. This University is currently offering plethora of courses through its platform to knowledge hunters, career hunters and remote students, thus making them independent. Courses that can be found under its banner belong to traditional to technical and professional categories and award seekers with recognized degrees in a respective area of studies. Distance learning course from Jaipur National University are considered a key to golden career as are brief and updated to current market demands. Else, these are career oriented and so, have become much sought after by students in every genre. These courses are allowing learners accrue industry specific knowledge to excel in their career.

Jaipur National University is recognized by Distance Education Council of India, DEC. All of distance learning courses from Jaipur National University thus, are accredited that award seekers with certified degrees and diplomas at various education levels. Learning through online platform is supported by many advanced technologies and software programs are making virtual classes even more interactive. On the other hand, group of online mentors has voluminous experience in their respective domains that makes it possible to easily grasp the course content. This is all about wonderful experience of learning through virtual platform of Jaipur National University!

Building a Career in Medicine by Using Online Learning Platform

Distance learning is not a new concept to today’s generation. It has been around for three centuries now. First introduced in 1728, the mode of education has become quite popular now, thanks to the expanding areas of technology. Growing access to World Wide Web is another reason that the means of education has reached to its peak. Earlier there were available basic courses through distance; today the mode of education has extended to include technical and professional courses like programs in nursing and medical transcription.

Today, many a school is using advanced technology to impart number of distance learning courses in medical and healthcare sector. In past, where it was believed that medical training is hard to impart using virtual platform, today, the misconception seems to be melted down with the advent of plethora of courses under medical sciences discipline. Chief areas where one can find excellent distance learning programs in medical and healthcare are as follows:

Distance education in clinical research

Distance education in diabetology

Distance education in health and fitness

Distance education in health sciences,

Distance education in public health

Distance education in ultra sonography and medical imaging technology

Distance education in hospital management

Distance education in pharmaceutical management

Distance education in paramedical sciences

Distance education in physiotherapy

Apart from aforementioned, there are available various online programs in nursing that help train interested pursuers in the field of nursing and medical care. Currently, virtual universities are offering to seekers full curricula under various certified degrees and diplomas at different levels. As far as the validity of the course or the degree is concerned, one can check it with the university accreditation by a responsible body. In India, Distance Education Council or DEC and University Grants Commission or UGC are the supreme bodies which take the onus of recognizing a virtual university to run certified courses under medical and healthcare discipline. University accreditation by either of the two bodies puts trust into degrees which the employment market is very much concerned about.

Online medical programs are being participated by significant amount of students who enjoy learning via distance using advanced technologies. Online learning that sometimes goes synchronous requires all participants to be online at the same time for learning through video conferencing, video streaming, and audio conferencing. Advanced software programs have made learning through virtual platform more organized that even sensitive curricula like medical courses can be done easily through distance. In its asynchronous form, distance learning allows students to learn at their own time and pace, realizing that a student is not only isolated by distance but also by the time.

Benefits of Part Time Management Courses

Part time management programs are much in demand. Reason for this is many working professionals can’t take time off to attend regular MBA classes form a traditional university. There are many benefits associated to a part time management program, and learners can take advantage of them while doing an online course in any of the management disciplines that is chosen as per their career requirements.

There is good number of online education providers in India that offer various management programs via online platform. candidates can choose one from the vast list of courses provided, such as finance, insurance, retail, system management, supply chain management, information technology, marketing, human resource management, etc. Different management disciplines mentioned here may or may not be available with every university you want to get into. So, check for this parameter before you consider a particular university for your ambitious project. Apart from this, program distribution, length of the prospectus, and fee structure are other vital points to be considered prior to get into a university of your choice. University accreditation is important to put value into your MBA degree as employment market is very particular about this point.

Coming to the many benefits that one can avail while taking up an online management program, these are many. Few of them can be listed here as:

Increase your Career Potential: Online management courses are devised to be industry endorsed in nature. These impart focused and relevant information about today’s industry needs and help candidate’s groom their skills through solving real life case studies. This approach greatly helps in getting real life experience of management practices and strategies. Candidates doing one such program can continue with their enhanced skills sets and progress in their career.

Build up Strong Network: Online mentors are generally those belonging to staff educator groups from famous management schools, or they may be industry icons and academicians. Apart from this, vast peer group is another building stone that helps you create strong social and professional network.

Enhance Management Skills: Online courses are crafted skillfully to proffer candidates with skill set that is prerequisite for performing day-to-day management tasks with efficiency. This helps transform a candidate into skilled professionals who is capable of working in different management environments.

Online management courses have many more advantages to offers a student with. The one is time flexibility that is the greatest incentive with online learning. Students studying management course via online university are free to set their own learning time. Besides this, they are allowed to study at their own pace. This helps them understand management concepts and essentials completely. As there is set no time limit, the one is free to maintain his pace of learning to grasp every bit of knowledge. Another benefit that one can consider while studying online management course is affordability. Tuition fee for distance learning management courses is lower than that of regular university program. Cost to conveyance, study materials and other charges can be curtailed to a great extent.

And top of them all, one can still continue with his job while he is studying a course online. So, these are few benefits of part time management courses that you should notice prior to enrolling on an online management program.

Jodhpur National University offers Professional courses for working Executives


Earning practical experience along with your academic studies is what comes under an IBL program. To give students real world working knowledge, such programs prove to be excellent and help them stay abreast of all the technicalities that are considered as pre-requisite in the area of their working

There in India, several distance learning universities are providing exciting online programs through IBL mode of learning to facilitate industries and employers who are going to employ a staff that is up-to-date. Jodhpur National University is one among many names that is best known for introducing first time in India, the IBL mode of learning. This University has brought many a course under this concept where e-courses are designed to support the industry based learning approach while remaining at sync with the nature of online platform.

From academic to professional and technical courses, all can be studied through this mode of learning where learners are more exposed to a practical environment of working. Work based learning includes strategies that allow the University to go beyond the classroom into the practical world while developing a student’s competencies. Students become able to choose different careers and industries, learn how to apply what they have learnt in the classrooms and the basic workplace behavior. IBL programs also empower a learner to develop industry specific skills to become successful in the professional world.

Jodhpur National University is currently offering many a course through this mode of learning to facilitate industries, community and students. Some professional courses like MBA in IBL mode are too popular that industries too, are showing interest in sending their employees to learn through this mode of schooling. Apart from this, there are various technical courses say, MCA in IBL mode that is registering students in large number to educate them in the real world working in advance.

IBL programs are surely the finest way of gaining industrial working knowledge to deliver high end services even at the starting phase of a career.

Benefits of Industry Based Learning Programs

Academic institutes help you receive academic knowledge in any of the study area you are interested in. Up to school level, you learn to build up strong academic foundation. Afterwards, you enter specific study zones where advanced level knowledge is imparted to make you thorough in your chosen area of study. Then, finally, there comes the career front.

There in between, a transition phase comes before you finally start working as a professional. This phase is the learning phase when you learn how to put your academic knowledge on the practical fronts and know exactly how it takes to work in the real world. This stage is known as various names, such as:


Work placement,

Sandwich year,

Work experience,

Cooperative education

The same is also called as Industry Based Learning phase or IBL stage. The time you are studying your master degree program, such as MBA, you can start an IBL program that becomes a part of your studies while you are still in the university. This way, you can gain hands-on working experience in an industry you are interested in. In other words, IBL program is when students are given with an opportunity to do full time placement; that is paid, in a company relevant to their field of studies.

In today’s world when competition is high, it is needed to equip oneself with the right kind of expertise that is considered as pre-requisite for a thriving career in any of the existing fields of today. An IBL program in this regard, can help you stay abreast of latest developments in a field and fulfill current and specific needs in that particular area of work.

IBL programs can easily be incorporated with any of the master level degrees such as M Com in IBL mode, M Sc in IBL mode, and even MA in IBL mode. Some professional and technical courses that are studied in IBL mode prove to be the excellent in refining a candidate’s skills and knowledge in a particular area of study. MBA in IBL mode is quite popular these days, creating talented, practical management materials that ideally fit into the international working environment.

Reap the Benefits of an Online Learning Program

Everyone dreams of achieving top levels in their workplace to create easy ways for earning more money, name and fame for themselves. The tool that helps them maneuver this is known as the knowledge. A person with high end expertise in a specific area of work is sure to move up in the hierarchy ladder quickly. And the knowledge comes to that person in two ways – regular learning method and distant mode of teaching. Due to job responsibilities a working adult perhaps, has no spare time to attend regular classes in a traditional university. To overcome the matter of distance there is another means of learning that is quite successful at several fronts.

And this is known to be the distance education mode. Distance learning universities in India, through the excessive use of modern day technologies have revamped the way of pedagogy via an online platform. A significant change is also observed in the course content that has become more industry oriented to proffer learners with relevant information and knowledge on real working world. This all has made it possible to earning a distance degree with distinction, and the peace of mind that comes along, is considered as an added benefit. Management, engineering, traditional courses, certificate programs and vocational curricula are top distance learning courses amongst many. Such programs are available online, facilitating pursuers to achieve their career and life’s goals.

Benefits of part time courses are easily comprehended when one finds himself able to work on two fronts simultaneously – job and studies. Besides this, taught skills and expertise can be put simultaneously into practical fronts, providing pursuers a career edge over others with ordinary skills. Programs such as distance learning MBA that is very popular amongst distant seekers includes other software programs to be more interactive. Various other technical programs use Personal Contact Programs to educate learners in the technical teaching and expertise.

Shobhit University that is one amongst many distance learning universities can be followed for industry based learning programs via distant platform. Knowledge acquired through this mode of learning can be used in the place of work to excel in it.

Online Traditional Courses are Proving to be the Best Means for Increasing One’s Career Potentials together with Job

Taking a college course online is all convenient for those shouldering other responsibilities at the same time they intend to study. Reaping the benefits of one such part time program they can get a college degree in their required area of study and add on to their existing knowledge for workplace and that too at the comfort of their own home.   

Life of today’s human is getting very busy that they do not have time to misuse. Even their spare time requires to be planned prudently. Hence, knowing about advantages, disadvantages and employ ability chances of a distance learning course prior to enroll to that is all important. Accreditation of distance learning universities also needs your attention as a degree from certified institution can only gives you with the tools that will empower you to come across the other side of the cut throat competition.   

Increasing craze for part time learning methods is the proof of its success. Whether it is a technical program or a traditional module everyone wants to tag himself along with part time learning so that can handle number of day tasks or full time job side by side their studies. While maintaining the home and taking care of kids or elderly one can educate himself for the workplace. Traditional courses that are done online include number of disciplines to award candidates with degree in any of their required fields of studies. Part time B. Sc. and BA modules are quite popular among youngsters and working adults who have started early and now, want to add on to their knowledge base to excel in the career.

Apart from undergraduate programs that are taken up for increasing knowledge efficiency, there are various postgraduate courses and certificate or vocational programs that intend to equip students with industry endorsed relevant knowledge. Excluding to this list there are diploma courses too that are designed to make learners thorough in a chosen stream in very short span of time. However, higher level online programs are considered as the best if one is eying for higher positions in an organization. Distance learning MA in economics for example is an excellent means of learning the financial systems and to participate in hands–on experience. Such courses provide seekers with advanced working knowledge and help them grow personally and professionally.