Building a Career in Medicine by Using Online Learning Platform

Distance learning is not a new concept to today’s generation. It has been around for three centuries now. First introduced in 1728, the mode of education has become quite popular now, thanks to the expanding areas of technology. Growing access to World Wide Web is another reason that the means of education has reached to its peak. Earlier there were available basic courses through distance; today the mode of education has extended to include technical and professional courses like programs in nursing and medical transcription.

Today, many a school is using advanced technology to impart number of distance learning courses in medical and healthcare sector. In past, where it was believed that medical training is hard to impart using virtual platform, today, the misconception seems to be melted down with the advent of plethora of courses under medical sciences discipline. Chief areas where one can find excellent distance learning programs in medical and healthcare are as follows:

Distance education in clinical research

Distance education in diabetology

Distance education in health and fitness

Distance education in health sciences,

Distance education in public health

Distance education in ultra sonography and medical imaging technology

Distance education in hospital management

Distance education in pharmaceutical management

Distance education in paramedical sciences

Distance education in physiotherapy

Apart from aforementioned, there are available various online programs in nursing that help train interested pursuers in the field of nursing and medical care. Currently, virtual universities are offering to seekers full curricula under various certified degrees and diplomas at different levels. As far as the validity of the course or the degree is concerned, one can check it with the university accreditation by a responsible body. In India, Distance Education Council or DEC and University Grants Commission or UGC are the supreme bodies which take the onus of recognizing a virtual university to run certified courses under medical and healthcare discipline. University accreditation by either of the two bodies puts trust into degrees which the employment market is very much concerned about.

Online medical programs are being participated by significant amount of students who enjoy learning via distance using advanced technologies. Online learning that sometimes goes synchronous requires all participants to be online at the same time for learning through video conferencing, video streaming, and audio conferencing. Advanced software programs have made learning through virtual platform more organized that even sensitive curricula like medical courses can be done easily through distance. In its asynchronous form, distance learning allows students to learn at their own time and pace, realizing that a student is not only isolated by distance but also by the time.


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