Jodhpur National University offers Professional courses for working Executives


Earning practical experience along with your academic studies is what comes under an IBL program. To give students real world working knowledge, such programs prove to be excellent and help them stay abreast of all the technicalities that are considered as pre-requisite in the area of their working

There in India, several distance learning universities are providing exciting online programs through IBL mode of learning to facilitate industries and employers who are going to employ a staff that is up-to-date. Jodhpur National University is one among many names that is best known for introducing first time in India, the IBL mode of learning. This University has brought many a course under this concept where e-courses are designed to support the industry based learning approach while remaining at sync with the nature of online platform.

From academic to professional and technical courses, all can be studied through this mode of learning where learners are more exposed to a practical environment of working. Work based learning includes strategies that allow the University to go beyond the classroom into the practical world while developing a student’s competencies. Students become able to choose different careers and industries, learn how to apply what they have learnt in the classrooms and the basic workplace behavior. IBL programs also empower a learner to develop industry specific skills to become successful in the professional world.

Jodhpur National University is currently offering many a course through this mode of learning to facilitate industries, community and students. Some professional courses like MBA in IBL mode are too popular that industries too, are showing interest in sending their employees to learn through this mode of schooling. Apart from this, there are various technical courses say, MCA in IBL mode that is registering students in large number to educate them in the real world working in advance.

IBL programs are surely the finest way of gaining industrial working knowledge to deliver high end services even at the starting phase of a career.


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