Benefits of Industry Based Learning Programs

Academic institutes help you receive academic knowledge in any of the study area you are interested in. Up to school level, you learn to build up strong academic foundation. Afterwards, you enter specific study zones where advanced level knowledge is imparted to make you thorough in your chosen area of study. Then, finally, there comes the career front.

There in between, a transition phase comes before you finally start working as a professional. This phase is the learning phase when you learn how to put your academic knowledge on the practical fronts and know exactly how it takes to work in the real world. This stage is known as various names, such as:


Work placement,

Sandwich year,

Work experience,

Cooperative education

The same is also called as Industry Based Learning phase or IBL stage. The time you are studying your master degree program, such as MBA, you can start an IBL program that becomes a part of your studies while you are still in the university. This way, you can gain hands-on working experience in an industry you are interested in. In other words, IBL program is when students are given with an opportunity to do full time placement; that is paid, in a company relevant to their field of studies.

In today’s world when competition is high, it is needed to equip oneself with the right kind of expertise that is considered as pre-requisite for a thriving career in any of the existing fields of today. An IBL program in this regard, can help you stay abreast of latest developments in a field and fulfill current and specific needs in that particular area of work.

IBL programs can easily be incorporated with any of the master level degrees such as M Com in IBL mode, M Sc in IBL mode, and even MA in IBL mode. Some professional and technical courses that are studied in IBL mode prove to be the excellent in refining a candidate’s skills and knowledge in a particular area of study. MBA in IBL mode is quite popular these days, creating talented, practical management materials that ideally fit into the international working environment.


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